The OLBRatings
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OLB’s creditworthiness has been regularly reviewed by the credit rating agency Moody’s since 2019. Here you will find the main ratings and reports.

Issuer Rating

Baa2 positiv
Issuer Rating
Rating name Rating
Counterparty Rating Baa1
Deposits Rating (long-term) Baa2
Issuer Credit Rating (long-term) Baa2, positiv
Stand-alone Rating (financial strength) Baa3

Instrument Rating (secured issuances)

Covered Bonds
Rating name Rating
Covered Bond Aa1

Rating Reports

Date Title Link
22 Aug 2023 Credit Opinion Download
17 Mar 2023 Credit Opinion Download
14 Feb 2023

Rating Action MTN Programme

29 Sep 2022 Credit Opinion Download
27 Sep 2022 Issuer Comment OLB's Covered Bonds Download
03 Sep 2020 Rating Action OLB's Covered Bonds Download
03 Sep 2020 Credit Opinion OLB's Covered Bonds Download
02 Oct 2019 Rating Action Download
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